Car Talk Fall 2021

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Finding the Right Loan

Doing business with us will put you in the driver’s seat. It’s a different experience than working with a large bank. For starters, we’re a not-for-profit organization established by members, for members. Once you qualify for a loan with us, you’re a member of a very special financial institution that comes with the following benefits:

Lower Rates
Rates at credit unions are generally lower. This is because credit unions pass savings from their not-for-profit status throughout our product lines. As an example, credit unions offer members higher rates on savings accounts and lower rates on loans and credit cards. We are not looking to make a profit.

Loan Approval
Credit unions exist for their members. We are more likely to understand and listen to your circumstances when applying for a loan; sometimes adjusting terms of loans accordingly. While the loan approval process is similar, we are much more approachable and willing to work with you. We strive to provide a personalized approach that values you and your financial situation.

Customer Service
Members report high satisfaction rates when conducting business with our credit union. It is our mission to provide members with affordable financial services because our goal is not to profit from a member.