Mobile Check Deposit

Enjoy the convenience of deposit checks anywhere!

Get the most out of your Mobile Banking experience with Mobile Check Deposit (MCD). Enjoy the convenience of depositing checks from home with your smartphone. With a maximum of $15,000 per day, you can manage your deposits from anywhere.

The maximum daily limit may be adjusted at anytime without prior notice. 

Notice: Endorsements Required in April 2021

Effective April 1, 2021, all checks deposited using MECU’s remote/mobile deposit service will be required to have the following endorsements: 1) the check must be signed on the back by the payee and 2) the words “For Mobile Deposit Only” must also be written on the back.  Any check received after April 1, 2021, that does not have both endorsements will not be accepted for deposit using this service.

businessman scanning check with his smartphone for mobile check deposit