Skip your Loan Payment

ME/CU would like to say THANKS and make things a little easier for YOU.

Take a vacation, repair your home, or have an amazing Holiday. Download the Skip Payment Form or ask any Me/CU representative for it. Fill it out, send it back or return it to any of our locations.

* To participate, simply complete the form and return it Me/CU to by mail or in person no later than June 22, 2018 for July and no  laterthan October 26, 2018 for November. We will defer your loan payment for one month, weekly or biweekly installments. To qualify forthe skip-a-payment extension, the loan must have never been delinquent and all types of member accounts must be in good standing. Single pay, mortgage loans, credit cards and RV /motor home loans are not included in this offer. Must have made six months worth of
payments to be eligible. All extension applications are subject to approval. There is a $30 processing fee for each loan.

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